Saturday, November 26, 2005

NEWSARAMA - GREG RUCKA TALKS SUPERGIRL: "One hint Rucka said of his first arc is that the "world tour" aspect of Kara on Earth will be sidelined for a while. "Jeph will have wrapped up the world tour of the DCU and introduced Kara to everyone by the time I get on," Rucka said. "I'm not looking at doing a bunch of crossovers and seeing who's going to be guest-starring this issue. That's just not the direction I'm interested in taking her. I've got nothing against doing that kind of arc, but we've got other things we want to sort out with her first. Once those things are sorted, we'll worry about other things. Once we nail down who she is, we'll worry about who she's meeting.""

Considering it was the focus on the guest stars over establishing Supergirl as a character in her own right in her own book was what was making me lean towards dropping the Supergirl comic as written by Jeph Loeb, this news from new series writer Greg Rucka is enough to make me want to stick with the book when he takes over... at least for a little while.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 TV SCUM: Have Some Dead TV With Your Dead Buzzard: "It also came out tonight that THRESHOLD has been cancelled, presumably effective immediately, after a reportedly catastrophic ratings drop following its move to a new timeslot."

If this is true, I should probably be disappointed, but of the three new sci-fi network shows (this and the renewed-not-canceled Surface and Invasion) Threshold was probably my least favorite, story-wise. I'm just sad that another Carla Gugino TV vehicle will be gone from the screen. Plus, JAG's Catherine Bell was supposed to be joining the series as a recurring guest star. If future episodes had featured the two of them fighting the alien invasion by stripping down to their underwear and jello wrestling, I'd probably be more broken-hearted, but as it is... No, not so much.

In not-really-related news, TV Guide gave a "jeer" this week to the Fox network for pulling the perennially low-rated Arrested Development off the air without giving audiences a chance to find it. The show was in it's third dismally-rated season; anyone looking for it would have found it by now. Whiners.
on your nerve: Vin Diesel

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Alias," AKA Canceled - Yahoo! News: "Bristow went
down Wednesday, with ABC confirming what the Nielsen ratings had been saying all season: Alias is done.

The Emmy-winning
action-spy series that made a brand-name star of Jennifer Garner will air its final episode in May, the network said."

I should feel a stronger sense of disappointment about this, but if I'm completely honest, I wasn't enjoying it as much as I had been in earlier seasons. So best it go before it completely wore out its welcome for me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

GateWorld - News: Claudia Black joins SG-1 cast : "Claudia Black has sauntered her way into the hearts of many Stargate fans this year, playing the sexy thief Vala Mal Doran in eight episodes of SG-1's ninth season. Now Black is set to join the long-running series as a full-time cast member."

Hopefully, this will help pull the show out of the doldrums it's currently in. Her appearances at the beginning of the season were like a breath of fresh air, and she's been sorely missed (by me, at least...)