Saturday, August 20, 2005

Okay, so, in mere minutes, Catwoman premieres on cable movie channel Cinemax (the only premium cable channel I get that shows softcore porn every single night! Not that I watch it...). By all accounts, Catwoman, starring Oscar-winner Halle Berry and based not even the slightest bit on the classic DC Comics character, is a truly abysmal movie. But now, without having to leave the comfort of my home, without having to rent a DVD or anything, I get to see for myself how true that is! And I can just watch a little bit of it, and then just give up, if I so desire! Such a deal!

In other news, I should probably warn anyone reading that there continues to be a fairly high probability of posts here about comics in the near future. The thing is, my life currently seems to be balanced between two high-stress points, and I'm not really willing to talk about either of them here. But they're the focus of what's going on around me right now, and reading comics has been my distraction. So that's what I can talk about. If you're a regular reader, and don't care to hear about 1970s Jim Aparo comics or why the first issue of the new Supergirl comic is pretty lame, probably a good idea to just skim the first sentence or two of each new post. I'll make it clear that early if it's just going to be about comics, or something else.
news from me - ARCHIVES: "The Blondie newspaper strip will be 75 years old on September 8. To celebrate, members of her clan are paying visits to other strips to invite their characters to a big party. "

Admittedly, many of the strips the Blondie characters will be appearing in are ones I don't read (Oh, look; Dick Tracy is on the list... and I read that one, so imagine the ones I don't... In fact, email me with your guesses of the ones I don't read) but it's a cute idea. And, unlike a current crossover that a particular comics company is running, I would imagine that not a single one of these is required reading to understand what's going on in Blondie...

Friday, August 19, 2005

In the current strip, Dick Tracy is fighting a DVD piracy ring.  Does anything scream "written by old people for old people" any more loudly?

Monday, August 15, 2005

lis.dom: books they don't want on display in Hillsborough County, FL: "t's not the job of librarians to highlight collections of books, argued Patrick McDowell, a Tampa resident who frequents the West Gate library branch, where one pride display was removed. 'I would defend their right to have the books in the library, but it's not their job to promote books.''"

(Seriously, it's complete coincidence that I've found all this anti-Florida stuff in the space of an hour, without even looking. Or maybe not so much coincidence as the fact that the loudest folks in Florida appear to be close-minded, redneck, booger-eatin' morons. Either way.)
My Way News: "Sex offenders tracked by the state are banned from public hurricane shelters in Florida under a new policy that allows them to weather the storms in prison instead." | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.
: "Valparaiso librarian suspended after patrons visit porno sites"