Thursday, November 13, 2003

BBC - Cult - Doctor Who - Scream of the Shalka

Okay, it's not going to be back on TV for another year at least, but it's nice to see some sort of new broadcast Doctor Who--not a novel, not an adventure on CD--for the 40th anniversary. And that it stars Richard E. Grant is icing on the cake. And that the first episode is pretty good is even better.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Go here to fill out a survey for a free DVD of episodes of the UPN series Jake 2.0. I saw the first episode of the show when it aired, and it was just okay. I hear it's gotten better, but it's on when I'm at work, and when I'm taping Angel. All things being equal, I'd rather see Angel, since I love it so, and I've been watching it for the last four years. Still, free DVD... -- News: INTERNET DIARIES: School discipline questioned: "'Kill Alaina!'
The throwaway comment about an irritating friend is one that former Valley High School senior Wesley Juhl wishes he had never recorded in his blog, a personal Web site he used to chronicle daily life.
At the end of September, a month after he first posted it on his personal computer while in the privacy of his home, Juhl found himself sitting in the dean's office facing disciplinary action.
That journal statement, and another that included a vulgar comment about a teacher, earned Juhl an in-school suspension and a required parent conference. The disciplinary action also brought to light the fact that Juhl did not have a current zone variance to attend Valley. As a result, Juhl was sent to Chaparral High School, which is the school zone he resides in.
Juhl, 18, is still wondering what authority allowed the Clark County School District to punish him. His journal was not a school assignment and was not posted using a school computer or a school message board. "

I heard about this on the radio last week. On the one hand, according to one of his fellow students who called in, he was a stuck-up bullying little poop, and that's why his fellow students turned him in to the administration. On the other hand... well, there doesn't seem to be another hand, really. He's not being punished for what he wrote, he's being sent to the school he's supposed to go to. Is it a free speech issue? Maybe. As someone who writes fairly regularly in his own blog, often critical of a government that could very easily be reading those selfsame entries, I'm interested in news about people receiving negative consequences for what they write in their blogs.

Ultimately, though, let's be real: post-Columbine or not, expectation of anonymity or not, joking or not, if you're stupid enough to make something that sounds like a death threat against someone in a forum as private as the freaking Internet, you're a complete moron, and you pretty much deserve whatever happens to you. And if you go around whining about it, then you're just a baby.
I was a little bored yesterday...

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Sunday, November 09, 2003 - Denmark to recognize worshippers of Norse gods: "'To me, it would be wrong if the indigenous religion of this country wasn't recognized,' Tove Fergo, the minister for ecclesiastic affairs and a Lutheran priest, said this week."

I smell an official US Government-sponsored "Protection from Pagans" week coming up.