Thursday, February 12, 2004

NotePAD Entry - 02/12/2004: "COMMENTS FROM THE "CAPTAIN MARVEL" THREAD": "No, I think the whole justification is that it's fundamental hypocrisy for viewers who spend three hours having no problem watching an incredibly violent passtime with a vaguely homoerotic subtext ('Here, man in incredibly tight pants, let me reach between your legs with my head up your ass and grab your ball'), peppered with commercials and entertainment featuring flatulance and sex-based advertising, to suddenly start screaming, 'Oh my God, think of the children!' when a woman's breast is exposed in a far camera shot for two seconds. Not to mention that they KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT FOR WEEKS and now want to LAUNCH GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATIONS, for Chrissake, into something that Paul Kupperberg quite rightly labeled as 'A tempest in a B-cup.'
Which I guess would mean that I'm defending Janet Jackson, so the answer to your question would be that my basis for defending her is saying, 'Cripes, people, an undergarment fell off and her breast was exposed. It's not like they both got naked and started simulating sex.' "

Hey, I just liked the "Tempest in a b-cup" line.

Crossfire is perhaps one of my favorite comics of all time, so this news that it's going to be reprinted is very exciting indeed. (I don't have the original issues any more, so I'll definitely be getting these books.) DNAgents isn't quite as magically wonderful, but it's a good superhero team comic, and the reprints are every bit as much of a must-have for me as the Crossfire ones.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

MediasharX :: Jane Swings to ABC: "Sarah Wayne Callies (TARZAN) will swing onto the set of ABC's pilot SECRET SERVICE. Callies will be the star of the show, playing a woman who has to struggle to balance the two focal points of her life: her marriage and her career in the Secret Service. "

Might well turn out to be more crap (se habla Threat Matrix?), but Callies was my favorite part of The WB's short-lived Tarzan series last fall, so it'll be nice to see her again if this show gets picked up.

And next season is apparently the last for NYPD Blue, a personal favorite from the very beginning. Twelve years is a good long run, and it's probably best that they leave while it's still good, but I'll miss it.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Hey, did you happen to catch the Janet Jackson boob thing during the Superbowl halftime show? (And who didn't?) Want to cash in? Because, according to this lawsuit, the whole thing may have been so horrible, so emotionally scarring, so mind-bogglingly evil and destructive to society as we know it, people should get paid for just having witnessed it.

God bless America.