Friday, July 16, 2004

In his emails, Warren Ellis continues to wax enthusiastic about the casting and development of the Global Frequency pilot.  Please, please, please... On the other hand, pilots for revivals of Dark Shadows and Lost in Space for the WB were supposed to be pretty sure things, too.  And we'll never see them, let alone series.  So who knows...  I don't want to get my hopes up, but there's so little to get excited about as far as fall TV.  At least the new version of Doctor Who is rumored to start shooting this weekend in the UK, but I'll probably have to get that on DVD...
Smallville Population Grows by Two

So, next season on Smallville (the show about Superman's teenage years), Lois Lane will show up for at least 13 episodes. More, if "her character works well within the context of the show." There's part of me that says they'd better make it work, because if you're making a show about Superman and you mess up the relationship with Lois Lane, you've got a problem. But it is Teen Superman, so...

It'll certainly have a different dynamic to his on-again/off-again relationship with high-school sweetheart Lana Lang. With that one, there's an element of tragedy, because we know it will never truly work out, and that he will eventually meet and marry Lois Lane. With this, no matter how bad things get, we know a happy ending is eventually in the cards for the characters, even if we don't get to see it in the series. (And, really, the best part of the show is the tragedy of the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor friendship, watching it, knowing it'll all end in tears.)
Alias Alters Course

Maybe I'm just still viewing the series through Jennifer Garner-colored glasses, but I still liked the show this year. Or maybe I'm just okay when things are darker and bleaker. But it's nice to hear the creator of a show I love saying that he's going to work on improving it next season, because if I liked it when JJ Abrams hated it, I'm hopefully going to love it when he's paying more attention.
Oh, and the first episode of the new USA Network miniseries The 4400 was pretty good, too.  Teamed up with The Dead Zone, that'll be a nice Sunday night summer block of TV for me.
Turns out Aimee Garcia (Aleph in the Global Frequency pilot) played a different character than I thought in American Family.  Still liked her, though...
KryptonSite: Global Frequency TV Series - 2005

Loved Global Frequency, the comic, and creator Warren Ellis seems pleased with the way the TV pilot has been progressing. Now it's announced that Michelle Forbes (who was great in Homicide) is playing Miranda Zero, which is fantastic. Even better, Aleph (the "dispatcher" character) will apparently be played by Aimee Garcia, who I fell in love with this season on American Family. Oh, please, let them not mess this up...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Received my new Challenge of the Superfriends and Batman: The Animated Series DVDs in the mail today, and each came with a free ticket to see the new Catwoman movie.  Now, Catwoman doesn't look particularly good, but if I've got a free ticket... what the heck.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Best request for help from a kid playing an online game based on a popular MTV show: "Something happened to Pimp My Ride!"

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Best-phrased question I've gotten in a while came from a girl looking for a Maurice Sendak picture book classic: "Can you tell me where the wild things are?"
And why is it that they know me by name at Fatburger, but never bothered to tell me about the Fatburger Club Card?
Last night's season premiere of Missing did indeed prove to be zippier than last season. It's more of a typical TV show now (Vivica Fox's character is more of a maverick agent who does things her own way, in contrast to Gloria Ruben's more professional character; they've got an asshole boss), but it still feels like a continuation of the original series.

Tonight, two more series come to their season finales: American Family: Journey of Dreams and Coupling. Plus there's a new Tony Hillerman movie on PBS, Thief of Time, and a new series premiering on USA, The 4400.

I don't want to suggest that the networks really need to figure out what to do during the summer, but the shows I'm finding myself watching regularly now...

Broadcast networks: Summerland, Amazing Race (starting last night; I been sucked in)

Cable networks: Joe Schmo 2, Nip/Tuck, Newlyweds, Stargate SG-1, Missing, The Dead Zone, and probably Stargate Atlantis, The 4400, and Rescue Me.

And they wonder why they have trouble competing...