Thursday, October 14, 2004

Okay, I understand that landscapers in Las Vegas are busy, and may not be in the position to take on new clients.  But what, exactly, is the problem with just saying that?  Why this bullshit about taking my information and then saying they'll have someone call me back to arrange getting an estimate, and then never calling?  I mean, it's not like I'm trying to pick them up in a bar, for crying out loud...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So, in the department of things that suck, my truck broke down on the way to work yesterday.  First, the spedometer stopped working while I was on the freeway.  Then, five minutes away from the library, the truck stopped moving.  The engine was running, but nothing was getting to the wheels.  Turns out, the transmission casing is cracked, and it's going to take until at least Friday (and about two grand) to fix it.
It's not the money I mind so much, although that's a factor.  More frustrating, I was going to go shopping for a new car this week, only I hadn't done anything about that yet.  So now I have to sink more money into the old one and then turn around and buy a new one anyway.  (Or I could just write the old one off, I suppose, but then I'm under the gun to buy a new one immediately.  And the big Honda dealership I called today doesn't even have what I want in stock, so I'd have to rent for a few more weeks... Aargh!  Hate this, hate this, hate this.)
And I'm trying to find someone to convert my front lawn--this tiny patch I never even wanted--into desert landscaping.  Or, to be more succinct, rock.  I want to replace my lawn with rocks, and I'm having a devil of a time finding someone to come out and give me an estimate.  One friend recommended her landscaper, but they're number is no longer in service.  I looked at some photos on the water district's web site, and called some places there.  One took my number and never called back.  One is absolutely incapable of working around my work schedule as far as coming out and giving me an estimate.  And one actually made an appointment with me to come out and give me an estimate.
I realize that, like housing out here, landscaping is a seller's market, and they'll all do just fine without my business.  But, you know, it doesn't actually help me any.  But if I can only get one person to come out and help me, then I guess that's who I have to go with.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Just heard that Christopher Reeve passed away. As a kid, as much as I enjoyed the Star Wars movies, I believe the first Superman movie (well, the first starring him) may have had the most impact on me. And the world just seems diminished knowing he's gone.