Saturday, January 21, 2006

She's home! And the very first thing she did was go to the bathroom!
So Patrick Stewart's new British TV series, Eleventh Hour, premiered in the UK the other day. Haven't seen the first episode yet; been busy acquiring the fourth season of Spooks, since A&E won't be showing it until the summer. But I'm looking forward to it, partly because it's written by Stephen Gallagher, and partly because it costars the Scottish chick from Extras.

(But where are torrents for the new season of Sea of Souls? I needs me some Dawn Steele!)

Friday, January 20, 2006

And just how distracted am I by this Penelope business? I forgot to post today's Snapple fact. Something about how much more vitamin C strawberries have than oranges.

Okay, so this afternoon, Penelope's vet told me that she had pooped twice, so hopefully the micro-enema will do its job. (Notice how I'm throwing around terms like "micro-enema" as if I have the slightest idea of what, exactly, that means.) She'll still be there overnight, so the house still feels very empty. Hopefully, she'll be home tomorrow, though.
So Penelope is indeed all backed up right now. The vet is going to give her a micro-enema, and keep her overnight to see how she does.

And I hate this, and I'm very upset and worried. Without her, the house feels completely empty. Glad I don't have to work tomorrow, because I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep well tonight.

(And yes, she is just a cat. It's not like we stay up late discussing Proust over a nice bottle of red. But through all the changes I've been through in the past 8 years, from jobs and locations and schools and friends and relationships, even apartments and houses, she has been the one thing that's been constant. So if you think I'm overreacting, you can just keep that to yourself.)

Vet sez Penelope feels "gassy" but she's x-raying her to be safe.


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer

Not happy 2 b @ the vet @ all. That makes 2 of us.

Latest Penelope update:

She ate the entire can of Fancy Feast tuna, but it's all still inside her. So, I'm calling the vet as soon as they open.
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

So, yes, I will be posting updates on Penelope's condition over the next few days, until I know she is in the clear.

As the photo in the previous entry indicates (assuming Blogger posted it), she did eat some food when I got home. Her bowl of dry food appeared untouched, but I bought some canned food on the way home, to try to grease up her innards a bit. (Normally she doesn't get canned food.) She devoured about half a little can of Fancy Feast Tuna, and will hopefully eat some more later tonight.

When I checked her box, there was some poop to be found. Not the three days worth you'd expect, but at least something. So I'm a little less freaked. Which still leaves me plenty freaked.

The current plan: If she doesn't resume normal service overnight--I'll check her box in the morning--I'm calling the vet first thing. Ideally, the vet will say she can wait until Saturday to see her, because I don't want to call in to work with a sick cat. But, whatever it takes...

Still not eating her dry food but at least she has some appetite for the canned. And there was some poop in the box. Not entirely comfortable but I feel a bit better.

My cat's eating and pooping habits have been off the past few days.  I'm very worried that she may be sick, and that's pretty much consuming all my thoughts right now...
Hopefully, it's nothing.  But if I get home and discover that regular service has not been resumed, I'm calling the vet tomorrow.

What restaurant doesn't have normal sized ketchup?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today's Snapple fact:

IN 1926, the first outdoor mini-golf courses were build on rooftops in NYC.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Okay, so I have, like, zero interest in Transformers. But the idea of Chuck Dixon and Ted McKeever doing what appears to be a Transformers in the Old West comic has my attention, even if I still won't actually buy it.
Been using yesterday and today to try to get caught up on TV from last week. (And yes, I recognize that if I'm having trouble finding the time to watch it all, I probably should just try to watch less. Thank you. The current backup actually results in my not feeling a whole lot like watching TV last week, so stuff got recorded but not watched.)

Anyway, as previously mentioned, the first episode of Hustle on AMC was pretty nifty. Of course, they premiered it with two episodes, so there's a second one already waiting for me. Don't know if AMC picked up the first two existing seasons, or just the first one, but the first two seasons are out on DVD in the UK, so either way, I'm set. If the quality holds up.

Just finished the "Casting Special" pre-season premiere of Beauty and the Geek. Some of you may remember that I went into this show last year with some pretty serious misgivings, swayed only by a positive review in TV Guide that said it basically was a lot better than the commercials made it seem. They were right. Here's hoping the second season maintains that same level of genuineness. Certainly in the casting of the geeks, they seem to have gone to the more extreme end of the spectrum, perhaps in hopes of even more good-TV Richard moments. We'll see... The season proper premiered on Thursday night, but I haven't seen that yet.

Saturday morning saw the premiere of Cartoon Network's new block, featuring new episodes of favorite show Life and Times of Juniper Lee and new superhero series Ben 10. Cartoon Network previewed Ben 10 just after Christmas, and it's a good kids' superhero series. Easily up there with Juniper Lee and Kim Possible. Check it out.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just happened to notice a big full-page ad for the first Fiends of the Eastern Front novel, Operation Vampyr, written by Dave Bishop, based on the classic 2000AD series about Russian vampires on the Eastern Front during WWII. And part of the ad reads:

"Black Flame's first novel in a bloody new trilogy, Fiends of the Eastern Front: Operation Vampyr features historically accurate battles and all-out bloodsucking action!"

Well, historically accurate battles apart, one assumes, from the vampires.

And really, Russian vampires during WWII is a pretty neat sounding concept for a story. If you're starting with that, is it really going to be that much more of a selling point if the battles are historically accurate?
Mostly Muppet Dot Com

Check out this short film.
Truth, Justin and the American Way - HOSTED BY SPEAKEASY.NET

New comic I'm looking forward to...
Hustle on AMC - The Official USA Website | The Con is On!

Neither American nor a movie, AMC picks up the BBC TV series from the producers of Spooks/MI-5 and Life on Mars. Just watched the first episode, and thought it was great, though I am predisposed to liking con artist stories. Like I needed more TV to watch...
Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel: "NBC has green-lighted Seeing Red, a drama pilot from writer-producer Graham Yost about an eccentric, brilliant cop who talks to dead victims who help him solve his cases, Dark Horizons reported."

NBC already has Medium and CBS has Ghost Whisperer. Doesn't ABC feel left out? Or do they have a talks-to-ghosts show I'm forgetting about?