Thursday, May 18, 2006

New CW mixes old and new - Yahoo! News

For those people who watch them, good news that Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls (both of which I do plan on catching up on on DVD), and One Tree Hill will be continuing on the new CW network. (I suppose I might find my way back to One Tree Hill on DVD as well.)

Smallville will be back, too, which means I have to decide if I want to keep watching it or not. Sadly, Everwood, the WB show I was enjoying the most, didn't make the cut. Of course.

Monday, May 15, 2006

SFX - Pans Labyrinth trailer!: "It might only be in a slightly wonky, vaguely jerky flash format. And it's in Spanish, so non-speakers will have a little trouble figuring out exactly what's going on.
But that doesn't stop Guillermo Del Toro's latest - El Laberinto del Fauno, or Pan's Labyrinth - from looking absolutely amazing."
Cody's Books to close flagship store in Berkeley: "Cody's Books, the venerable independent bookstore that has served
generations of UC Berkeley students, has announced that it will close its
flagship store on the south side of campus because of declining sales and
competition from chain stores and the Internet.
The store on Telegraph Avenue will close its doors on July 10 after 43
'We have lost over $1 million attempting to keep the store open,''
said owner Andy Ross. 'As a family business, we cannot continue to afford
these ruinous losses.''"

This is such a shame. This was my childhood bookstore. (Well, that and Dark Carnival, the sci-fi/fantasy/horror bookstore where I got my first-ever job...)