Friday, August 15, 2003

Apparently, my guess about the Tremors season finale being the series finale was correct... I'd feel sad, if it had been a better series. Still, it was fun...
Stampede Entertainment - News Roundup: "Tremors The Series will not return to SciFi but Tremors 4 will be here Christmas 2003. (8/8/03)
To our loyal Tremors Fans -- GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS. Well, fans, the numbers are in and Tremors: The Series didn't quite hit the demographics and
market share SciFi was looking for (it was SO close!). We're sorry to report that the rumors are true, the show will not be back for a second season.
But the Good News is that Tremors 4 will be coming soon. It's all new, all different, and Universal is extremely happy with it (as are we at Stampede, of course). They like it so much they moved its release to near Christmas, so you all know what's going to be in your stocking this year. "
Blackout's Box LIVE! is on TONIGHT!

And they said it wasn't an act of terrorism...
Victorian Sex Cry Generator

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Which Lord of the Rings Character am I?

Just more useless crap on a day I don't feel like writing much...
The Blackout
Check out the Great East Coast Blackout, live, as it happens!