Friday, January 16, 2004

MediasharX :: CSI Headed To a New City

Wow! A cop show set in New York City! How could anyone possibly consider skipping a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like that?

(Everyone reading this is going to be watching Karen Sisco when it comes back in the spring, right? Because that will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.)
Welcome to Pogo's Website!

Just another reminder of how far newspaper comics have mediocred (inventing a word) over the years... Check out this classic!
Yahoo! News - White House: Give Industry Greater Voice

About damned time, too! Corporations haven't had enough of a voice in government lately to suit me, that's for sure! Like those poor Haliburton guys... Thank goodness someone will finally be looking out for them!
Bush courts black voters in Deep South

So Bush goes to Atlanta--at the taxpayers' expense, because it's an official trip--to honor the life of Martin Luther King. And while he's there, he goes to a $2000-a-plate fundraising dinner. Only the travel expenses for him and his entire entourage aren't paid for by his campaign, because it's not a campaign trip, it's a place-a-wreath-on-Dr-King's-grave trip.
Yahoo! News - ABC Says 'I Do' to Kelley Show: "LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - ABC has ordered a pilot for a one-hour romantic comedy from TV maven David E. Kelley's production company after heated bidding with Fox this week.

Described as 'Six Feet Under' meets 'The Wedding Planner' but with a light comedic tone to it, the as-yet-untitled project revolves around three sisters who inherit their family's full-service wedding planning business. "

I'm glad that they added the bit about the "light comedic tone," since The Wedding Planner and Six Feet Under are both such deadly serious stories...

For what it's worth, I'm actually curious about this, since Jason Katims is the guy who created Relativity and Roswell (or at least developed it from the books), both shows I really liked. Something to keep an eye on.