Friday, May 28, 2004

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- Movie Blog

Okay, I sat quietly by while everybody else in the universe wet themselves over the Lord of the Rings movies. (Which, don't get me wrong, were fine movies, deserving of the acclaim they received. Considering that it's the story of a really long walk, they made the whole thing seem really interesting.) But Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... That would be my Lord of the Rings, so this is the one I'm excited about. (Hey, anyone can whip up a mess of CGI armies of orcs and stuff and hire a bunch of British actors to make pretentious speeches about defeating evil, but comedy is hard.)

So, this summer, there's the new Spider-Man movie to look forward to. In the fall, there's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. In the winter, there's finally new Doctor Who on TV (in the UK, but there'll be DVDs). And then, next summer... this!
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