Saturday, February 07, 2004 ? Hosted By SPEAKEASY.NET

Okay, this link is actually only relevant to what follows if you read the strip for Friday, February 6, 2004. (But you should read PvP every day anyway, and buy the print comic book version, too, because it's hilarious.)

So I didn't watch the Superbowl, because I don't care about football, and I missed the whole Janet Jackson Breastgate thing. This is pretty much my reaction to it: one of the security guards at the library came up to me and said he was disappointed by the whole halftime show incident, and the lack of class it represented, blah blah blah... And I replied that yes, indeed, something like that does stand out in stark contrast to the gravity, dignity, and maturity of a bunch of guys pounding on each other to take possession of a ball.

Come on. It's a freaking football game, and if flashing Janet Jackson's tits on the screen is somehow incompatible with the otherwise serious intellectual content of the game, then someone needs to start laying off cheerleaders and charging tremendous amounts of money for commercials featuring horses farting, old people fighting, and all in the name of selling alcohol (not exactly a brain food). Otherwise, the world is more than welcome to shut the hell up. Thank you.

And then Thursday night, I was watching ER, and they digitally fuzzed out what had to have been a quick glimpse of an old woman's breast as the doctors attempted to shock her back to life. Because that's how breast-shy this incident has made America: somehow, the shot of a wrinkly old breast on a 100-year-old grandma character who has died on a hospital table and is being shocked back to life needs to be fuzzed out, because regardless of the context, breasts are just evil. Or something. As if fuzzing it out doesn't draw attention to the presence of the breast even more.