Friday, February 07, 2003

It occured to me while eating dinner (the burger part, anyway) that tomorrow morning marks one week since the destruction of the space shuttle, and I haven't thought about it very much. From the headlines, there does seem to be a refreshing absence of finger-pointing, and maybe we're seeing this for what it is: an expected by-product of the business of tucking a bunch of people in a tiny metal container attached to a massive amount of explosives, igniting those explosive, launching that container millions of miles into the air, and then letting it fall back to the ground. This is a horrible tragedy, and should be examined to make sure it doesn't happen again. It should also serve as a reminder of how many times it didn't happen before, of how many times NASA got it right. It should also serve as a reminder of how heroic these pilots and scientists are, because these are the risks they take every time they undertake these missions to further our understanding of the universe in which we live.

And it's almost time for Farscape, so that's all for now.
Boy, I'll tell you, you can't go wrong with any blog entry that involves George W Bush and a chimp.
Just killing time until Roswell comes on. Got comics from two weeks ago yesterday, and have been working through those at a fairly rapid clip. Particularly noteable: the first issue of Venture by Jay Faerber, writer of the fantastic Noble Causes (fantastic, that is, if you like superhero comics), and the new issue of Global Frequency, which is just a bloody great, bloody action movie. This week's shipment was particularly heavy on graphic novels, including the new Channel Zero book, Jennie One written, but not drawn this time, by the great Brian Wood, who has become one of my faves. Really looking forward to that. In the area of the completely gonzo, there's the first new issue of the new Nevermen miniseries from Dark Horse Comics, written by Phil Amara and drawn by Guy Davis, sort of the Shadow meets Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Then, also cowritten by Amara, there's a new Sky Ape book, which, if previous volumes are any indication, promises to make Nevermen look like a photorealistic documentary drama. Plus a couple of horror books from Avatar Press that promise some serious creep-out moments. Yeah, looks like a good week for comics.

Planning on having a combination of sushi and burgers for dinner tonight, and I'm not entirely sure how that combination will work out.