Saturday, September 13, 2003

Penguin from ``Bloom County'' and ``Outland'' returning to comic pages

Oh, look. Something worth taking the time out from packing to post about...
So it's been a couple weeks since my last post. Pretty much all my attention and energy since then has been taken up with buying a house. I started looking just before the last couple of posts, and found one almost immediately. Since then, it's been a complete whirlwind, and any time that would have been taken up with writing entries for this journal--or watching TV or reading or anything except going to work--has been filled with doing stuff for the house purchase or packing for the move. I'm also way behind on my email, with almost a hundred unread messages in my inbox. I have a couple of funny bits friends have sent me that I want to post here, and I'll probably do that Monday night if I have time at my more mellow part-time job (shh!), but otherwise, don't expect to hear much from me until October.

Which is a shame, considering that the Republicans and the Criminal Bush are doing a pretty good job at destroying democracy in this country, and I'm just itching to say something about it, only I don't really have the time right now.