Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still drunk. However, I should point out that in the latest issue of Y: The Last Man (possibly #37, though I leave it to more clear-headed folk to make that determination), there's a preview of the new Brian Wood series, DMZ. And, to be blunt, if you're not reading Brian Wood's comics, you're just stupid. (Still drunk, so don't get uppity.)
Okay, more than a bit intoxicated right now. So you all get the "benefit" of my unfiltered id.

First of all: I have a friend in Houston, who is apparently still there. And I had cousins living across the street from the Kings Cross bomb blasts in London, and I knew a woman in New Orleans, although that was pretty casual (I stayed at her bed & breakfast on a trip). So I now announce, here and now, that I am sick and fucking tired of tragedies and disasters and acts of terrorism happening near to folks that I care about, and I now insist that this nonsense stop. I will brook no discussion on this point. It just has to end. Period.

Oh, look. Still not going out with The Girl in the Cafe. Quelle suprise...

Okay, now on to TV. Watched the premieres of Head Cases, Invasion, Kitchen Confidential, and probably some other Gruddamned TV shows between the last time I posted and now. But not Threshold, the one show I was looking forward to, thanks to my freaking DVR erasing the pilot before I watched it. (That may have been me by mistake, credit where credit is due.) Oh, and I watched Ghost Whisperer. And the season premieres of Lost, ER, Law & Order, Medium, and... can't remember what else offhand. (Again, been drinking.)

Anyway: Invasion and Surface both make me want to come back for more. Not so much, Head Cases since it's just a lawyer show, and I don't really care. It's already off the DVR. Ghost Whisperer, I was primed to hate, but I kind of enjoyed. Part of the enjoyment came from the "what large lady-bumps Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to have" factor. Clearly, the producers--of which Ms. Hewitt is one--understand this, because many of her encounters with the undead occur with her wearing her nighties. But part of it comes from the sheer feel-good nature of the show, which nothing else I'mw watching this season provides. And Kitchen Confidential was just funny.

And being all drunk and stuff, I don't actually feel like typing any more tonight, so I shall stop. Right now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 - Bush pushes Rita readiness, local evacuation efforts: "He promised a big role for the federal government but, with conservatives' alarm growing at the fast pace of disaster spending, promised to 'make sure your money is spent wisely.' In his speech to the Republican Jews, Bush also pledged to keep focused on fighting terrorists.
'They're the kind of people that look at Katrina and wish they had caused it,' Bush said."

Boy, you read this, and you almost forget that the money wisely being spent on disaster recovery is going to Haliburton, the company being investigated for overcharging the government for services in Iraq (and who Dick Cheney works for...). And if the terrorists wish they had caused the damage that Katrina did, how does the Bush administration feel, considering that it was diverting funds away from levy repair and maintenance helped cause the disaster in the first place. Not to mention the pretty pathetic emergency response to the disaster.