Friday, November 11, 2005 "We'll begin by telling you about one of the worst kept secrets on the Internet,
the upcoming rehab of Pirates of the Caribbean. We've been keeping you updated
on this topic for months now, and since our last update the project has been
officially greenlit and received its funding. The refurbishment dates have also
been firmed up, and the ride is now scheduled to close March 6th and reopen 15
weeks later on June 22nd. (The popular Blue Bayou restaurant will be closed that
whole time as well.) When the ride does finally reopen in time for summer
crowds, Disneyland visitors will find Jack Sparrow has moved in and tweaked the
storyline of the 39-year-old ride to align more with the second and third
sequels of the blockbuster original movie. Read on only if you want to learn of
the surprises Walt Disney Imagineering currently has planned for both the
Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of the ride."

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