Thursday, July 13, 2006

SCIFI.COM | The Amazing Screw-On Head: "In this hilarious send-up of Lovecraftian horror and steampunk adventure, President Abraham Lincoln's top spy is a bodyless head known only as Screw-On Head.

When arch-fiend Emperor Zombie steals an artifact that will enable him to threaten all life on Earth, the task of stopping him is assigned to Screw-on Head. Fortunately, Screw-On Head is not alone on this perilous quest. He is aided by his multitalented manservant, Mr. Groin, and by his talking canine cohort, Mr. Dog."
News: "BBC
America has picked up two dramas from award-winning writer Jimmy
McGovern--'The Street' and
'Cracker'--from Granada

'The Street' is set
in Northern England, with each episode focusing on a different
house on the block. It is a Granada production for the BBC. The
cable channel has also taken a new feature-length episode of the
crime drama 'Cracker',
with Robbie Coltrane starring as criminal psychologist Dr. Edward
'Fitz' Fitzgerald.

The channel's GM, Kathryn
Mitchell, notes, 'We're thrilled to present two new works
from one of the most important writers in modern U.K. television
drama. From the emotionally powerful stories about the
relationships of ordinary people in a small blue collar community
in The Street to his exploration
of international relations in the exciting new Cracker
story, these shows demonstrate the incredible range of Jimmy's

Monday, July 10, 2006