Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort - New York Times: "Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, called Mr. Bush's speech 'a campaignlike attempt to rebuild his own credibility by tearing down those who seek truth about the clear manipulation of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war.'The White House, which has sought to define its opponents on the issue as liberals who are out of the mainstream on national security, struck back quickly at Mr. Kennedy as part of a new rapid-response plan through which administration officials hope to blunt the Democratic message about Mr. Bush.Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said it was 'regrettable that Senator Kennedy has found more time to say negative things about President Bush than he ever did about Saddam Hussein.'"

Yes, it is regrettable that Senator Kennedy--and others--have more negative things to say about the president than about Saddam Hussein. And what does that tell us about how people are viewing the president?


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