Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Was having an okay day, then came home to find a message from the body shop that took too long to fix my car. Apparently, they're having trouble getting paid by Titan Insurance, so they need my help, and tell me--on the message--that I need to file a claim with my insurance company so they can get paid. This would be over three months since the accident, and over one month since I got my car back, having been told that they had it in writing from Titan that they would be paying for the repairs that Desert Collision Center had done.

So either the guy at Desert Collision lied and didn't have the guarantee in writing that he said he had, or he's so bad at his job that he couldn't tell whether he had the guarantee that he was supposed to get or not. And either way, I still have this message letting me know that this is somehow my problem.

So, not in such a good mood any more.

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