Sunday, December 11, 2005

Finished watching the SciFi miniseries The Triangle this morning. It has received mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it. Part of the problem it faced, I think, is that previous SciFi miniseries like Dune, Taken, and Battlestar Galactica have set the bar pretty high, and this doesn't quite live up to those expectations. But it's also way better than the typical made-for-SciFi movie, like Mansquito, which is probably much more representative of their output.

And the miniseries dragged in a couple of places, but I'm not sure if it could have lost a whole episode's worth of material without seeming rushed, so it's a tough call to make. (On HBO, it could have run any length it needed to, but on commercial television, they're pretty much stuck with 30-minute blocks of time...) Considering I had expected the whole thing would take place on a boat, it managed to defy my expectations just by not doing that. And I've pretty much gotten out of the habit of trying to second-guess movies and stuff, so I didn't predict the ending. It was fun, it held my attention, and Catherine Bell is still incredibly hot. (JAG on DVD next year, hopefully!) So, worth my time.

But it's no Doctor Who.

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