Monday, May 08, 2006

How fantastic was this Saturday’s new episode of Doctor Who? And I am now totally enamoured of Sophia Myles.

Sunday, I went to see Mission: Impossible 3. I was a huge fan of the TV series growing up, and I really liked the first two movies. Plus, I’m a huge fan of JJ Abrams’ TV work, so I wanted to see his feature film directorial debut.

I’m not particularly a Tom Cruise fan, but I liked him in Minority Report and Collateral, and the previous films in this series. Whenever it’s time to cast a new James Bond, all sorts of big names are tossed around, but nobody really expects someone on that level to commit to a multi-film franchise like that. But Paramount really does have something similar with the Mission: Impossible series and Tom Cruise.

Anyway, loved the film. Great action, and a fantastic Mission: Impossible mission right in the middle of it. And a great cast. You can definitely see the JJ Abrams influence, mixing the character stuff with the spy stuff, just like on Alias. I’ve read reports that the opening weekend was “disappointing,” but it is the third movie in the series. And while I don’t really pay any attention to celebrity’s personal lives, Tom Cruise has been making a fool of himself in public quite a bit recently. That’s got to leave a mark.

I think it’s going to be a long while before I see any movies in the theater, though. Nobody actually kicked me this time, but it just isn’t a pleasant experience any more. The restrooms were so filthy I expected to have to pump gas when I came out. The woman in front of us took a call on her cell phone during the movie, and talked for five minutes. (I started kicking the back of her seat, but that did nothing. Apparently, completely oblivious to any sort of rudeness.) People had brought their ready-to-scream babies and then not sat anywhere near exits. (Seriously? The back row with your baby?) People were letting their kids go running up and down the aisles constantly.

So, that’s it. Superman Returns? X-Men 3? What am I really going to lose by seeing them in the comfort of my own home?

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