Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still feeling a bit like the crap, but have to go to work today for my dinosaur program. (It's not that it's not planned out, so somebody else could do it, but it would actually take too much effort to explain what needs to be done. Easier for me to just go and do it, and as long as nobody has any expectations of me doing much else besides sitting behind the desk and not falling over, I should be okay.)

Yesterday morning, I watched the first episode of Shakespeare Retold, a recent BBC series featuring--as you might imagine--modern-day retellings of Shakespeare plays. This one was Much Ado About Nothing, starring Billie Piper and Sarah Parish, set in a modern-day newsroom. I'm not as familiar with this one as I am with some of the other plays on the set (Midsummer Night's Dream, MacBeth) but it seemed to preserve the pace and feel of a Shakespeare comedy, as well as all the themes, but updated to a modern setting and modern language. Definitely looking forward to the rest.

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