Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So, been home sick two days in a row. First Penelope, then me. She's doing better, by the way. She hadn't started pooping over the weekend, even after coming home post-micro-enema, so we went back to the vet on Monday. She prescribed some medicine, which I have to give to her by filling a syringe and injecting it into her throat, then holding her until she seems to swallow, and then making sure she still doesn't spit it up after that. I discovered this morning that, on at least one occasion, I missed that last bit, finding caked bits of medicine in the living room carpet.

So, basically been watching TV and trying not to pass out, or sneeze so hard my brains come out my nose.

Watched the first episode of Eleventh Hour, the new British TV series starring Patrick Stewart. So nice to see him actually acting again; Star Trek must have been so frustrating for him. And Ashley Jensen, her from Extras, is yet another cute Scottish actress for me to have a crush on. The actual story was pretty entertaining, though the sort of thing that feels sort of slight once it's actually over. What carries it through is the mood of the direction and the quality of the acting.

And, for some reason, I thought it was going to be six hour-long episodes, but it's really only three 65-70 minute TV movies. So a short-term committment, then.

And TV is once again working to thwart my attempts to watch Veronica Mars this season. Fox has moved Bones into the Wednesday 9 pm time slot, which it now shares with Lost and Veronica Mars. I get ABC and Fox in high-definition, not so UPN. And I can only watch, or record, or whatever, two shows at the same time on my HD cable box. Since I pay for the HD service, anything on those channels gets priority over stuff on other channels, if it's something I want to watch. So Veronica Mars gets relegated to the VCR on the upstairs TV. Considering that I have a whole season's worth of unwatched Gilmore Girls on VHS that I don't have time to watch, I expect to fall behind on Mars as well...

Speaking of Mars, I'm really enjoying the new BBC show Life on Mars. While I'm certainly intrigued by the mystery of just how Sam Taylor comes to be in 1973, I'm really just enjoying the juxtaposition between 21st century policing and the 1970s. Between a fairly accessible premise and Patrick Stewart's international fame, I think there's a fairly good chance we'll see Eleventh Hour reach these shores sooner or later. I certainly hope Life on Mars turns up over here as well, although with a less-portable, more-Britain-centric concept, it's probably a more comfortable fit for something like BBC America than anywhere else...

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