Sunday, September 25, 2005

Leaving Rita

Okay, this would be the blog by my friend Shelly, formerly of Houston. So she's apparently okay.

Again, fuck you, God and Mother Nature and everyone else conspiring to hurt those I care about. I spit in your eye and refuse to cower, you bastards.


Shelly said...

hey champ-

made it out so very unscathed. a tree downed across the street from my apartment, and my cat is SUPER pissed off because she's been in her carrier 3 times in one week, but otherwise, no harm done. but I agree: f* off mother nature. the folks on the gulf coast need a breather. and I need to not be one of those people who live on the gulf coast. get me the F* out of here pronto.

thanks for your concern, though - sorry to add to your stress. ;-)

Shelly said...

ooh and btw, i'm usually at - didn't want the family digging into the usual blog, you know...