Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, first things first: did anyone else watch Billie Piper in Shadow in the North on Masterpiece Mystery last night? Damn PBS wussies cut out the love scene between Sally and Fred! And last week, they cut out the epilogue scene from Ruby in the Smoke. Sons of ...


So last week, I had one day off and worked six days in a row, so no posting here for me. Got some catching up to do.

Last Monday saw the season premieres of Big Bang Theory and Heroes. Big Bang Theory was probably my favorite new comedy last season (which is kind of damning it with faint praise, because the only other new comedy I started watching was Samantha Who?). Wisely, they haven't made major changes, so I'm still loving it.

Heroes also seems to be back on track, although between a lackluster second season (though hardly the worst thing on television, as some Internet "critics" seemed to claim) and a nine-month gap between seasons due to the strike, I'm a little over it. Still a TV series I want to watch, but I don't think I'll ever be as in awe of it as I was the first season.

Tuesday saw the sixth season premiere of NCIS, another long-time favorite. Last season's finale shook things up a bit by breaking up the team, but I'm glad that was only a short-term change.

Tried to record the premiere of Knight Rider on Wednesday, but my stupid DVR screwed it up. (Although it's not a problem that has reoccurred, so it was more likely a transmission problem.) Downloaded it for free off iTunes the other week, so I'll see it one way or another.

And I'll get to the rest of the week later.

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