Sunday, December 10, 2006

So I finally went out to the theater to see Casino Royale.  In a casino, ironically.  And not only did I think it was a great movie, apparently other people in the audience thought it would be a great movie to bring their baby to see.  Because babies love nothing more in their entertainment than loud noises and explosions.

And, despite all the advances in technology, what with the Internet and all, it still seems that there's not a lot of difference between having a baby crying in its seat and carrying a crying baby out to the aisle.  If it's still in the theater, we can still hear it.

And I don't care if the stupid baby-toting couple paid for their tickets so they have a right to see the movie.  I paid the same for my ticket, and unless I get to have sex with the mother, then I should have the right to have a baby-free movie experience.

It's just going to make it harder and harder for the studios to get me into theaters to see their movies.

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