Monday, November 06, 2006

I found myself distracted from otherwise excellent episodes of Robin Hood and Torchwood by these thoughts (Spoilers, obviously):

Okay, so when Guy of Gisbourne confronts Marion in her guise as the Night Watchman, how does he fail to notice that she's a woman? I mean, it would probably have been unusual for a woman to take up arms in that day and age, but wouldn't it also have been unusual for a man to have such large breasts? Perhaps the Night Watchman costume was meant to be more loose-fitting and ambiguous, but it wasn't. Which makes it fairly pointless for Gisbourne to claim that he'll be able to track down the true identity of the Watchman, because Gisbourne wounded "him" on his wrist, so he only has to look for someone with a wounded wrist at the archery contest set up to lure Robin Hood. A wounded wrist, or unnaturally large man-boobs, I suppose...

And since when do Cybermen wear high heels?

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