Sunday, October 15, 2006

I think, after tonight’s episode, Desperate Housewives has lost me as a viewer. No guarantee that I won’t weaken when 9:00 rolls around next Sunday, but the fact that I can watch it for free online if I want makes it an easier decision to make. (Or download it from iTunes, come to that.)

After a strong first season, I found my attention drifting during the second year. It started feeling like I was watching the show more out of habit, rather than out of an earnest desire to see what happens next. I was still feeling that a bit this year, and then came tonight’s episode. Mike suddenly has amnesia and can’t remember his relationship with Susan? Andrew comes home and immediately, his relationship with his mother is just fine (and, out of the blue, his sister is sleeping with one of her teachers)? Lynette, normally the practical one, is bribing little league players to boost her son’s confidence? I’ve read people accusing the producers of Lost of making things up as they go along. While I don’t agree with that, I think there’s definitely a case to be made for the producers of Desperate Housewives doing just that.

Meanwhile, Brothers & Sisters continues to impress. And on The Amazing Race, I find myself rooting for beauty queens Dustin and Kandice. Partly because they’re hot, and partly because they work well as a team and don’t bicker embarrassingly. Except for the not-dating thing, they actually remind me a lot of Kris and Jon from Amazing Race 6. Here’s hoping they make it to the final three…

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