Thursday, May 04, 2006

So I subscribe to a number of blogs via RSS feed, and I pretty much just skim through them fairly quickly. Reading the entries that people have posted since last night, I feel fairly beat up by the “Original versions of Star Wars movies coming out on DVD” stick. And the amount of passion and fury directed towards George Lucas for releasing these, after saying that he never would, because clearly it’s just another attempt to get more money from Star Wars fans (surprise), even though when the most recent set (the only other time these movies have been put out on DVD, I believe) came out, fans were clamoring for the original versions.

So, okay, here it is, what you were asking for. Shut up.

Although these new/old releases do include the revised versions, so there is that to complain about. But they seem to be costing about the same as most movies, so... Shut up.

And the complaints about buying version after version after version? A gun was held to your head?

Okay, done now.

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