Thursday, November 24, 2005 TV SCUM: Have Some Dead TV With Your Dead Buzzard: "It also came out tonight that THRESHOLD has been cancelled, presumably effective immediately, after a reportedly catastrophic ratings drop following its move to a new timeslot."

If this is true, I should probably be disappointed, but of the three new sci-fi network shows (this and the renewed-not-canceled Surface and Invasion) Threshold was probably my least favorite, story-wise. I'm just sad that another Carla Gugino TV vehicle will be gone from the screen. Plus, JAG's Catherine Bell was supposed to be joining the series as a recurring guest star. If future episodes had featured the two of them fighting the alien invasion by stripping down to their underwear and jello wrestling, I'd probably be more broken-hearted, but as it is... No, not so much.

In not-really-related news, TV Guide gave a "jeer" this week to the Fox network for pulling the perennially low-rated Arrested Development off the air without giving audiences a chance to find it. The show was in it's third dismally-rated season; anyone looking for it would have found it by now. Whiners.

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