Monday, September 05, 2005

Okay, this one is about comics.

It's time, once again, for the monthly "New stuff I'm planning to get from Previews this month" post.

Perhapanauts #1 from Dark Horse
Written by Tellos co-creator Todd DeZago and drawn by sometimes-Tellos contributor (and good penciller) Craig Rousseau, I'm hoping for a lighter take on the sort of stuff Hellboy and BPRD usually cover. And I'm totally willing to support any new creator-owned venture from DeZago after Tellos, because it was great, and because I'd rather see him doing stuff like this instead of more superheroes.

Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur Hardcover from Dark Horse
Loving Dark Horse's Conan comic, but I made the decision that the miniseries spin-offs could wait until they're collected. Even if they're adapted and drawn by the great P. Craig Russell. (I think there's one by Joe Lansdale and Tim Truman in the works, too.) I mean, three issues, that's waiting a quarter of a year to read one story that will actually take less than an hour to read...

Batman and the Monster Men #1 from DC
A retelling of an early Batman story by Matt Wagner. Almost a sure thing, really.

All Star Superman #1 from DC
Superman told the way Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely want to tell him. Almost a sure thing, really...

Jonah Hex #1 from DC
When I was a kid, I was too young to read Jonah Hex and really appreciate it. And now I'm older, and it's written by generally-reliable Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and drawn by Luke Ross.

Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol 1 Trade Paperback from DC
And even if the new series blows, there's always these reprints of the original...

Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer and Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein from DC
Have the Seven Soldiers series let me down yet? Oh, no, they have not. And these are the last two.

Danger Girl: Back in Black #1 from DC
Shut up. I like Danger Girl.

DMZ #1 from DC
A new creator-owned series by Brian Wood? Sold. And this one's all political, just like Channel Zero, the book that made me a fan. (So unless you're buying this one, too, then shut up about Danger Girl.)

Body Bags 3 The Hard Way One-Shot from Image
New Jason Pearson Body Bags story? About time! (Realistic? Thought provoking? Well, probably not, but that's what stuff like DMZ is for. Fun eye-candy? Yeah. Like a good summer movie, really. Which is pretty much the same behind liking Danger Girl.)
(Shut up.)

Industry of War One Shot from Image
I want to say I'm a big fan of Jordan Raskin, but really, it's not like he's done all that much. But I like what he's done, and it's only a one-shot, and it's not another superhero revival. Bet there's nary a yellow fear-alien in sight.

Down #1 from Image
I'm almost ashamed to admit that this is on the edge, since it's a new miniseries from Warren Ellis and Tony Harris. But there's plenty of Ellis on the market right now, and Harris every month in Ex Machina. And it's another loner-in-a-crappy-world type book. Not that Ellis should be faulted for exploring particular themes, but I'm just not as excited by this as I am, say, Fell... But I'll still get it, because it's only four issues.

Amazing Fantasy #15 from Marvel
No interest in this book generally, but this one has some decent names working on it, and the concepts (plural, part of the appeal) sound a bit more off the wall than usual...

Five Fists of Science graphic novel from AiT/PlanetLar
Never actually read anything by Matt Fraction before, and I can't think of the artists name. But I'm a sucker for turn-of-the-century(?) adventure stories, anything that recasts famous inventors as two-fisted action heroes sounds cool, and the art in Previews looks nice. And it's only one book, and I'm out.

Chrono Mechanics Vol 2 Silver graphic novel
The price is low enough, and I liked the first book. But I feel kind of dirty buying a comic from Alias, the publisher that will publish anything.

Red Sonja Goes East One Shot
At the rate the regular Red Sonja book is coming out, I'll be surprised if this actually sees the light of day. But I liked the preview and first issue of the regular series, and this is written by Ron Marz and drawn by the folks at Udon, so if it does come out, it should be nice.

Angel: Old Friends from IDW
I shouldn't be enjoying the current Angel miniseries as much as I am. But I am, so I'll get this follow-up. And this one brings in some of the rest of the cast, which should be nice.

Maze Agency Trade Paperback and #1 from IDW
In the 80s, I thought Maze Agency was one of the best series ever. A straight crime series, beautifully drawn by--at first--Adam Hughes, and wonderfully written by my favorite Batman writer ever, Mike W. Barr. And now it's back.

Local #1 from Oni
This would be the other new creator-owned series by Brian Wood. I can't not buy it. It's that simple.
(Okay, maybe not quite that simple. Normally, I'd wait for the collection for any Oni miniseries. But this is twelve self-contained issues, so I'd rather get them separately than wait for a bunch of little collections, or whatever they end up doing.)

Off Road graphic novel from Oni
Comic Book Resources published the first 50 pages, and I was sold. What more can I say?

Strangetown #1 from Oni
A new series from Chynna Clugston that's not Blue Monday, and won't be collected particularly quickly, so I'll get the individual issues.

Doctor Who: Endgame trade paperback from Panini (not the little Italian sandwich)
Collecting the first bunch of eighth Doctor strips, plus extra stuff, and those were really good.

Nicolai Dante: Courtship of Jena Makarov trade paperback from Rebellion
I like Robbie Morrison's Nicolai Dante stories enough I'm buying a freakin' Wildcats miniseries written by him. You'd better believe I'll get this.

Red Seas: Twilight of the Idols Trade Paperback from Rebellion
Loved the original, so I thought I'd get this. (However, I'm not getting this month's Judge Dredd reprint, Total War, since I just read those stories in 2000 AD earlier this year...)

And, that would be it.

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