Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Okay, this'll be about TV. And it won't be too long, because other stuff is actually grabbing my attention more right now. But I can't talk about the family pressures, because that's family, and nobody's business. Can't talk about the personal stuff, because it's personal, and doesn't need to be broadcast over the internet. And can't talk about the work stuff, or next week's trip to Oregon, because someone involved may be reading this. Or not. You never know.

So, that leaves TV, and the first new show of the fall season to get my attention: Prison Break, on Fox. Decided to check it out since the soon-to-be-former TV Guide gave it an okay review, making it sound like "the good show on Fox that isn't House." (An aside about TV Guide: do they really think that converting it to a magazine about TV with minimal listings is really what anybody wants? Please. It's like Playboy; nobody reads TV Guide for the articles.)

Anyway, after the first hour, I liked it just fine, enough to want to watch the second hour. (This was not a two-hour episode, but two one-hour episodes back to back.) The acting is solid, the writing has that "we're a really serious drama, so nobody crack a smile" feel that made the first season of 24 worth watching, before they realized that there really isn't a second story, and it doesn't make me squirm in my chair the way Oz did on HBO. The problem is, it's a show about people trying to break out of prison called Prison Break. So what is necessarily the one thing that will not happen, ever? That's right. It's like Gilligan's Island, really. Only this stars Dominic Purcell from Blade: Trinity, which I did see, and John Doe, which I did not. And it stars Sarah Wayne Callie, the good thing about WB's deservedly short-lived Tarzan series from, what, just last year, maybe? Or the year before that? So hard to remember the failures... Anyway, she's still all hot and stuff, in a more-mature-than-Jessica-Alba sort of way. And Robin Tunney is in it, too. So... Eye candy.

Time will tell.

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