Monday, July 11, 2005

Forgot to mention the trailers I saw yesterday:

The Transporter 2: The first one looked pretty cool in the trailers, and then turned out to be kind of stupid and empty. This one looks kind of stupid and empty in the trailer. Waiting for cable...

King Kong in Color: I had suspected my excitement level about the new King King movie might rise when I saw the trailer on the big screen. It didn't, for all the reasons previously stated, but I'll still see the movie when it comes out, because I suspect the thrill of actually seeing a good remake of this story I love will be more satisfying than seeing a bunch of familiar clips redone with a bigger budget.

Sky High: Actually looks like fun, and it's written by the creators of Kim Possible. If I thought the theater would be empty, I'd consider seeing this in the theater.

And that's actually all I can remember.

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