Saturday, June 04, 2005

So, as we head into the summer season, here are the shows I'm planning on checking out (because the alternative is going outside in 100+ degree weather...)

Hell's Kitchen, the American cooking contest show with bad boy Brit chef Gordon Ramsay as host. Because the first episode was fun.
Beauty & the Geek, because the first episode was a lot more interesting and a lot less "make fun of the freaks" crap than I expected. (And they get points for picking the president of the Dukes of Hazard Fan Club as one of the geeks, instead of going the more obvious sci-fi or comics fan route.)
The Inside, because there are no other crime drama shows for me to watch right now. (Except for the ones I've recorded and haven't watched yet. Or the ones I have on DVD and haven't watched yet.)
Fire Me... Please, because the commercials make it look funny.
Into the West, because I've enjoyed the other Spielberg-produced TV miniseries I've seen (Band of Brothers, Taken...)
The 4400, because the first miniseries was surprisingly good, for a made-for-USA sci-fi show. (I shouldn't make fun; I love The Dead Zone, too.)

And... That's it for this week, I think.

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