Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tru Calling - Best Buy exclusive season 2 set: "Reader Steven Serridge emailed us last night with the news that Best Buy had Tru Calling: Season 2 up for preorder, which was listed as an exclusive to the chain of stores. We tried to get more information from Fox, since Best Buy doesn't list much information, but we came up dry.

Here's what we know: the 6 episode set, which contains an unaired episode, will sell for $29.99. It'll be available on August 2nd. Hopefully we can dig up more information next week."

And while we're on the subject: thank you so much, Fox, for renewing the series for a second season, then truncating that second season to make way for series with better prospects (the almost instantly canceled North Shore and Pointless Pleasant), and then, not even running all the handful of second season episodes you did produce. So, yes, I will be buying this set.

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