Thursday, March 31, 2005

Forgot to mention before now that tonight saw the return of Tru Calling on Fox. This would be the severely truncated season of six episodes, because they thought they'd attract a bigger audience with stuff like Point Pleasant and North Shore. Whoops.

Anyway, as I mentioned again and again and again last year, Tru Calling is certainly better than it had any right to be. The central conceit (a young woman is able to help people by going back and reliving days, using her experience to prevent tragedies) ended up being handled nowhere near as trite and cliched as one would imagine. Plus, the ongoing character stuff is pretty interesting, especially after the introduction of Jason Priestly towards the end of last year as Tru's "opposite number" (she tries to save lives, he tries to stop her). I mean, yeah, it's just TV, but it's not too bad. It deserves better than it got, certainly. (From Fox? Who'da thought?)

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